Wednesday, January 31, 2024


Fiddler on the Roof (1971) - IMDb 

    We have just started the basics of packing. Mostly my china from the dining room hutch and other things we don't use much anyway. Instead of packing it in June, I might as well start now. Nothing major, just some little things. 

    Back in high school I was in musical theatre. My very first production when I got the esteemed title of "villager" was Fiddler on the Roof. At the very end of the show, the whole town is evicted by the evil czar and they sing this dirge of a song called "Anatevka". They look around at all of their stuff "A pot! A pan! A broom! A hat!" and decide who really needs any of this stuff anyway. It's just stuff. It's replaceable and the whole town of Anatevka isn't that great after all. They have each other will be ok with not much else. 

    Every relationship needs a chucker and a hoarder. Jeff is the hoarder and I am the chucker. I throw things away when no one is looking and Jeff keeps everything and is very sentimental. We balance each other and it's a good thing. Well, moving to Africa and knowing we will have crazy small living space has made me want to get rid of even more. I feel like I am leaving Anatevka and looking around at my house going "A pot! A pan!" and feeling good about becoming a minimalist. 

    So in the meantime, if you need a good pan, stop by my house. There is a good chance I'll be giving one away!

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